The Secret To A Perfect Holiday Season? Buy My Art Prints, Canvas Prints, Duvets, Phone Cases, Greeting Cards, Shower Curtains! Here's 15% Off!

So I figured I'd wait until after the Black/Cyber/Weekend/Monday/Friday shopping psychotica died down a bit before posting this one. If you're still looking for unique gifts for those unique peeps in your life, check out my stores on Fine Art America and Crated. You can get art prints, canvas prints, duvets, pillowcases, phone cases, greeting cards, all of it! And if you use the code "SVEJPJ" at FineArtAmerica, you can get 15% off through December 13 ,which is the cut-off date to ensure you get your orders in time for the holidays. And if Crated is your preferred means, use coupon code CRATED25 for $25 off any order of $100 or more, or CRATED10 for $10 off any order of $50. Below are a few samples of my goodies...

Also, if you use Amazon, I encourage you to please use this link:

I'm an affiliate, so it costs you nothing, there's no change at all to your shopping experience, but it'll help me earn a few extra bucks to buy YOU a gift! Or me some electricity and tacos. Because nothing spells holidays like tacos.