In my words:

I was born in Nazareth (yes, that Nazareth). 

I grew up in L.A.

I started out making images. 

Then I went to college, made images, and played records. 

Then I graduated from college and started working for a record label.

Then record labels went kaput.

Then I wrote for magazines, mostly music and music production magazines.

Then I started publishing a music, arts and politics newsstand magazine.

Then the print industry went kaput.

Then I then spent half a decade making corporate videos for very big companies like Gap and Mattel.

That had to stop.

I love toys and clothes, but edit caves are dark.

And I like sun.

I moved into the hills, went to work for a marijuana magazine, and helped open an organic cafe in Santa Barbara.

Then the economy went kaput...and the cafe, and the magazines, and my mind, with it.

So then I started volunteering at the State Parks. 

And then I started hugging trees.

And then I started traveling more.

And then I started making images again.

Life is funny like that.

In someone else’s words:

“Wasim is a media professional involved in everything from print publications to video production. He began his career writing for various Primedia and Conde Nast publications before founding a national newsstand print publication featuring everyone from Hunter S Thompson’s renown artist Ralph Steadman to influential political and philanthropic personalities including Congressman Henry Waxman and The Sierra Club’s founder Carl Pope.

His attentive eye for detail and keen editorial sense led him to spend several years as a Senior Editor and Creative Director, producing and editing award-winning marketing and commercial videos and corporate media packages for Fortune 500 companies including Gap, Mattel, and Warner Brothers, featuring everyone from Heidi Klum and Tiger Woods to Common & Beyonce.

In addition to his property photography business Pro Property Photos, Wasim currently creates photography and video assets for clients including Airbnb500px.com Studio, Trivago Hotels, Drift 101VectorMount for GoPro, the World Forestry Center, The National Park Service, California State Parks, and the PTTOW influencer marketing summit, an annual event bringing together global power players from Quincy Jones to the Dalai Lama. He was also one of 50 sponsored Samsung Camera Imageloggers, making him a brand ambassador some of today’s most innovative still and virtual reality imaging systems. He was also recently featured by Snappr as one of the highest-rated photographers in Portland!

Muklashy also helped co-found an organic cafe in Santa Barbara, California, and has done media work for The Annenberg FoundationUSC’s Marshall Schools Of Business’ Social Innovation program, and award-winning producer and TEDx presenter Frank Fitzpatrick’s Earthtones foundation, dedicated to ‘transforming the human spirit through the power of music and film,’ including an interactive digital publication designed for the arts and music curriculum for the nation’s schools.

Wasim has found himself busy speaking at events including Amazon.com & DPReview.com's PIX2015, Social Media Week, Samsung Developer Conference, and Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Conference about the power of photography, video and storytelling. He is also the co-founder of superswell VR, a virtual reality company specializing in immersive storytelling for the outdoor and travel industry.

Muklashy currently devotes much of his time to various humanitarian and environmental causes, and has served as a volunteer docent in the California State Park System, where he self-tasked himself to develop original multimedia assets to help bring more attention to our underfunded protected public spaces. He currently sits on the board of Ecology In Classrooms & Outdoors, a non-profit dedicated to bringing ecology programs to Portland Metro area schools by connecting students to the natural world and "building science literacy and environmental awareness." 

Wasim is the creator and lead of popular social media platform Ello's official Outside Community, ElloOutside, and is also a content producer and social media manager for the Portland, Oregon based World Forestry Center in their recent efforts to shine a light on sustainable forestry practices and the importance of forests in combating climate change.

Finally, as a recovering broadcast news veteran, he’s realized the importance of combating the constant negativity with stories and news about why we’re living in the most awesome times ever, so started The Future Is Pretty Rad, a site dedicated to science, sustainability, design and tacos, to help spread that information.

He spends whatever time he has left documenting the surrounding parks and landscapes and open spaces through photography."