We Chose To OptOutside, And The Mojave Desert Took Us In. A Thanksgiving 2015 Tale In Pictures.

Black Friday. Oh Black Friday. On that bi-polar day in which hundreds of millions are nonsensically encouraged to brutally duke it out for deals just mere minutes after expressing gratitude for what we already have, we decided to get as far away from the madness as we could...as far as our gas tank would take us...to the middle of the Mojave Desert! 

The family decided we'd spend our Thanksgiving weekend in Palm Desert, just outside Palm Springs, and at the encouragement of REI's OptOutside campaign, I was somehow able to convince the entire family to spend Black Friday in Joshua Tree National Park. This brought about two surprises - one, it didn't take too much arm-twisting, and two, Joshua Tree was completely packed - an absolutely beautiful thing to see on a day in which it's borderline treason not to trample your neighbor for 50 bucks off an HDTV.

The weather was perfect, the company was great, and the surroundings were spectacular. Here are a few images from our Thanksgiving weekend in the desert.

Images were shot on a combination of Samsung NX1, Samsung NX500, and a Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

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