I'm Speaking At DPReview & Amazon's PIX2015 Expo Next Week! Come Say Hey! (And Maybe Get A Free Camera)

Ok, so this is a bit strange, as I'm not usually the one with the lens pointed at me, but when Samsung asked if I'd like to speak at DPReview and Amazon's inaugural PIX2015, a live-streamed photography conference, expo, and interactive photography playground, I couldn't say no! It takes place in Seattle at the Seattle Center, home of the Space Needle, and I'll be there on Tuesday and Wednesday, October 6 and 7.

On Tuesday, I'm proud to be participating in a panel entitled "Photography and the Environment" at 12:15pm. On Wednesday, I'll be presenting a talk "What Photography Did For Me: Getting Out Of My Comfort Zone To Focus On The Moment." That one will take place at 1:15pm. Additionally, I'll be co-leading a photowalk with Laura Winslow entitled "Family Photography In Fun Places" on Wednesday at 4:30pm. The cool thing is, even if you're not there in person, everything will be live streamed right on their site, www.PIX2015.com. Isn't the future neato? 

And believe you me, there are so many reasons to be at this thing or to log on and tune in. Along with a cadre of my ridiculously talented fellow Samsung Camera Imageloggers, including Jonathan Alcorn, Ibarionex Perello, Rinzi Ruiz, CC Chapman, Laura Winslow, Matthew Kumasaka, and closing speaker Brian Ach, be prepared to be schooled by industry powerhouses such as National Geographic's Joe McNally, The Giving Lens and insanely talented adventure photographer Colby Brown, The Godfather of Photography Rick Sammon, Marine Biologist and Photographer Cristina Mittermeier,  and hyperrealism madman Benjamin Van Wong. 

Also, if you come on the morning of Wednesday, October 7th, with an old DSLR of yours, we'll give you a brand new Samsung NX500 for free. Yup. It's Ditch The DSLR day at PIX2015. Many of the pictures you've been seeing me post here and on my social channels the past couple of months have come from that sexy 4K shooting, 28 Megapixel mini-beast! 

How I find myself amongst this bunch I'll never know, and I'll never understand. It's a crazy fluke folks, and a heck of an oversight, but hey, I won't tell anyone if you don't!! 

For more information about the thing, here's the official page: www.PIX2015.com