I Got A Bit Jerky, And In Return, Topanga Got Fresh!


So this was fun. I recently got a minute to head over to Topanga Fresh Market & Cafe, the organic market in town, to check out the display for Topanga's Finest Jerky, the beef jerky company that used one of my canyon images for their label. I must say, it looked pretty darn good in there. I thought I had posted this here already, and perhaps I have and accidentally erased it, so forgive me if that was the case (I have a vague recollection of the event...). Anyhow, check it, just in time for the flurry of spring activity that's about to abound!! Oh, and it's gluten-free for those of you that maintain a gluten-free diet (and each pack comes with a handy dandy flosser...it's the little things...). You can either stop by Topanga Fresh if you're in the area, or hit up www.TopangasFinest.com directly.