You Don't Need Psychedelics To See All The Purty Colors...Just Innovate!


Ok, these are kinda  crazy…does anyone remember the Hypercolor shirts from back in the day? You know, those shirts that when you pressed on them, they changed color with the body heat and pressure? No? Maybe? Yes? McFly?!?? WTF am I talking about? Anyway, for the 80s T&C, Gotcha, Maui & Sons crowd, here’s a throwback with a twist…Innovate Clothing! Innovate has taken Hypercolor to another level (you've got to figure that one was due!). Same sort of idea, but with these, you don’t even have to touch them. Basically there are patterns and designs printed on the shirt themselves in some sort of special secret ink that’s sensitive to sunlight, so when you’re indoors, you see one thing, but once you get outdoors, you see colors and patters and shapes that vividly and magically appear onto the shirts. Pretty neat stuff.

Anywho, they hit me up to do a product line photo shoot for their new site a few weeks ago, and it just went live. Figured I’d share…

Now go on n’ git’ one (or six)

Innovate Clothing!