My First Month With My New Number 1 - The Samsung NX1!

My First Month With My New Number 1 - The Samsung NX1!

This is it. This is the one. I’ve found the one! Actually, the one found me! The Samsung NX1. If you’ve been holding out on investing in the mirrorless market because of your trepidations as far as performance as compared to traditional DSLRs, now’s the time to let go. It’s been exactly a year since Samsung invited me into their Imagelogger program, and in that short year, everything changed. I mean everything.

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California Finally Got Rain And Left Us With A Gift – Another Perfect iPhone Wallpaper!


So I was out on a job on Monday afternoon, and it was the day after Los Angeles finally got a bout of MUCH needed and necessary rain to break the spell of the drought, and the Southland's citizens weren't the only ones happy about it. The skies and trees and flora and fauna went kinda nuts as well. So here's a capture taken on the Samsung NX300 that's optimized for iPhone 5 parallax fantastica, and, as always, if you'd like it for a different device, let me know, I'll be more than happy to size it for that as well. Anywho, just right click and save the source image. If you missed my last few batches, here are some others that might work for you:

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