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So this is a bit of an untraditional post for me, but I couldn't help myself...I just finished listening to the latest episode of The Digital Photo Experience podcast hosted by  Rick Sammon and Juan Pons, which I HIGHLY recommend if it's not already in your playlist, and they were interviewing Frederick Van Johnson of the This Week in Photo (TWiP) podcast, another one that is a MUST for you photography peeps...but anyway, Frederick is apparently a modest and humble creature, which is quite refreshing, because until that interview I had NO idea about two incredible things going on in his life that actually affects us all: One, he is the new Vice Chairman of the Board at the Brooks Institute of Photography, so congrats to him.

But two, and even more relevant to us all, is his pet project, MediaBytes.com. This is perfect. The part that's most important to us photographers in this day and age is...where and how do we fit into the maddening pace of the ever-shifting industry? What direction is it all headed?

Just finished Jolie O'Dell's book, Blogging for Photographers, last week and after perusing this MediaBytes.com site and the information therein, especially regarding web marketing and how to take the best advantage of everything the interwebs have available to us, it all just seems to go hand in hand - takes the future of the profession to another level with the seeming approach of embracing the changes and the landscape rather than shunning it or begrudgingly discounting it. He's got courses and information and all sorts of stuffs. Check it.

And while you're all at it, check out the California Photo Fest next week where Rick Sammon and Juan Pons, among a who's who of additional heavy hitters, will be teaching a few workshops throughout gorgeous Central California. Been trying to get to this thing for years, but, well, paying the rent sorta trumps it at this stage...perhaps in 2014...

Thanks for everything all of you mentioned do...it's been crazy transitioning into this new life path and career and I can honestly it wouldn't be happening if it wasn't for the transparent and generous method of imparting your wisdom and knowledge in the ways that you do to help propel it all forward. I love it! Thank you...

So photogs...go do this thing!!!

And I promise, I'll be back next week with the next installment of the "3 National Parks, 3 States, 2 Weeks, 1 Crap Bag" posts...

DP'd (Again).

Sentinel Rock. Yosemite, California. Winter 2013. So this is pretty neat! You may have seen me post this photo of Sentinel Rock in Yosemite before, but I got served a bit of awesome sauce today because of it! It was just picked to be critiqued for another popular photography podcast. Check it, it's the Digital Photo Experience hosted by ridiculously respected photographers Rick Sammon and Juan Pons, and they talk about the image at the 56:22 mark. That's the third image on three podcasts in the past few weeks, including a different image on this same podcast a few weeks back for one of my oak trees. People seem to be digging some of this stuff, now, hot dammit how do I turn this into something tangible!? Get me outta this shack!

Anywho…in case you're bored and at work, here's the podcast link: http://dpexperience.com/2013/06/03/dpe-podcast-06-01-13-all-questions-from-you/

While you can skip to the critique, I recommend listening to the full thing, and subscribing to these guys, especially if you're a photographer. They provide valuable insight and tips and information and ideas and inspiration in every episode. A good listen while you're in the lightroom.