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Forget Black Friday & Cyber Monday - Shop Wasim Wednesday (And Thursday And Friday And...)

Forget Black Friday & Cyber Monday - Shop Wasim Wednesday (And Thursday And Friday And...)

In case you’ve been (understandably) hiding under a rock the past 5 days, you’re already aware…it’s that time of year!! The holiday shopping madness has begun. We had Black Friday and Small Business Saturday and ‘Something or another’ Sunday and Cyber Monday and Cyber Monday Tuesday. Well, now that you’re dressing your wounds and nursing your bruises, I bring to you…Wasim Wednesday! Best of all, you don’t have to go anywhere or do anything other than use the very device you’re reading this one. A collection of fine art prints and canvases from the past 12 months shot by yours truly.

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6 Best Cameras For Budding Photographers

6 Best Cameras For Budding Photographers

The holiday season is upon us, and chances are, somewhere in your family there’s a budding photographer. You’ve been watching as they hone their eye through an iPad lens or the pictures that mysteriously populate your smartphone’s camera roll when your phone goes missing for a few hours (or days). And now, you’re realizing this is a skill and talent they might want to hone further. It’s time to step up their game and begin their gradual and comfortable transition into some more serious hardware. Here are 6 of the best cameras for budding photographers in your family.

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I'm Feeling It And I Had To Spread It Around...(No, Not The Flu!)

Fall_Autumn_Trees_Colors_Mulholland_Highway_Malibu I just wanted to drop a quick post before this long holiday weekend to thank each and every one of you for helping to enrich the past year beyond belief. The friendships and relationships I’ve made here and beyond have sat at the core of my motivation and inspiration to keep doing what this each and every single day. With each shutter click and word typed, I am filled with absolute gratitude that I have a chance to do this and such wonderful beautiful people to share it all with. In a particularly rough last few years, when I needed it absolute most, your work and words and actions have inspired me incredibly and add an element to life that I can only hope everyone can experience to at least some degree.

It’s the essence of what keeps me going.

It’s the essence of what keeps humanity going…

each other.

So thanks again for everything. Your encouragement and support are SO insanely appreciated and I can only hope I've been able to offer back even a sliver of that. I cannot wait to see what the next year holds for us all. Now get off the computer/tablet/phone/glass/smoke-signals and go be with the ones who make it all worthwhile. And make sure to let them know as much!! Happy Thanksgiving to those that celebrate it! And to those around the world that don’t, ignore this post…JUST KIDDING! No joke. Thank you all! To the utmost degree!

Much love,


My Stuff On Stuff For Your Stuff (Again)...I Just Saved You From Shopping Psychotica! (Free Shipping Until Cyber Monday!)

Bryce_Canyon_National_Park_Spires_Hoodoo_Sky_iPadZion_National_Park_Utah_MugYosemite_Snow_Fog_California_iPhone_Case Yup, I know I posted this last week, but wanted to make sure to remind you to order early so that you receive the products in time for the holidays.

So the holidays are here and shopping is poo! So let me take care of that for you! Screw the malls, the parking space road rage rush, running around like a madman or woman with minutes to go before closing time only to grab the last box of cologne that's just going to sit under the sink until next year anyway. Instead, order my stuff!! Stuff that they'll actually use every single day and won't break the bank. Mugs, laptop skins, iPad cases, iPhone cases, framed prints, canvas prints, throw pillows (yes...throw pillows!). Even the cards!! I got you! And you don't even have to leave your couch to do it.

Just go to my ‘BUY’ page and it’ll break down what’s available at each of the following outlets: Society6 (where there's free shipping on selected products until Cyber Monday), Fine Art America, and 500px. And if you have ANY questions, or have a special request for an image on a product, please feel free to contact me!

Here's just a few examples, many many more on those links! Happy Couch Shopping (hopefully)!!