Food + Wine + Games = More Ecology Education for the Kiddos!

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So this is pretty darn rad! The non-profit I work with, Ecology in Classrooms & Outdoors (ECO), just had our 3rd annual Garden Party and it was our most successful yet, "with donors stepping up to create 23 new scholarships for hands-on ecology lessons, after school programs, field trips, and outdoor summer camp!"

We also got to announce and introduce our new Executive Director, environmental non-profit veteran and rockstar, Alex Earl. Y'all know Whale Wars and the Sea Shepherd? Yeah...that's on his resume and somehow we managed to snag him!

ECO Co-Founders Sarah Woods @ Bethany Thomas couldn’t contain their excitement…

ECO Co-Founders Sarah Woods @ Bethany Thomas couldn’t contain their excitement…

Click this link to check out the re-cap and the pics (by yours truly) and read about the very tangible work the team is doing to educate the next generation of Mother Nature's stewards.

This school year, we will reach over 6,000 K-12 students over 14 school districts. That’s almost 3 times as many as just a year before.

Ecology education? We got this!

“Ecology can change my life by knowing what I can do to make the environment a better place” - a 4th Grader at Bilquist Elementary School

“ECO opens our eyes to the fact that a lot of kids have no prior knowledge or exposure to ecological education. This program is motivational for both students and teachers. It unites communities and expands our limited vision of nature around us.” ~Teacher feedback from Kelly Elementary School

“Nature makes me feel free!” ~ An excerpt from a letter to nature written by a student

Click here to find out more about Ecology in Classrooms & Outdoors. We’re doin’ good things!