Gallivanting Around Grand County, Colorado to Capture Her in All Her 360 Glory

Wasim Muklashy Photography_Grand County_Fraser_Colorado_Devils Thumb Ranch_109.jpg

Not too long ago, I shared a post about my adventures shooting 360 in our country’s heartland and some of the eye-opening adventures along the way. Well, then Winter came and most of that gone done kaput - no one really wants to shoot their beautiful destinations in the midst of leave-less trees, mud, and colorless gardens. Well, we’re back in shooting season again, and the first destination client Miles Partnership sent Superswell VR, my Virtual Reality production company, was to Grand County, Colorado, along right on the edge of Rocky Mountain National Park looking upon the great Continental Divide. We were there to capture some of the prime destinations in both traditional still photographs and 360 images for Google Street View.

Here are a few scenes , mostly from one of my favorite stops on the shot list, the ridiculously stunning Devil’s Thumb Ranch, that I managed to bring back from a whirlwind trip to the Rockies.

For the 360s, keep an eye on a Google Map or Google Street View soon…