On The Same Walls As Ansel Adams and Art Wolfe!? This Must Be Some Sort Of Mistake (But Sshhh ... Don't Tell The G2 Gallery)


The world hath DEFINITELY gone done lost its marbles!! When somehow, someway, I find my photos on a wall in an exhibition alongside images by Ansel Adams and Art Wolfe, among a slew of additional top-notch talent, it is irrefutable proof that insanity has infiltrated the collective human mind. But hot damn, I will do all I can to take advantage of that and roll with it...

I mean...WHAT!???

This is crazy!

If you're in Los Angeles between October 12 and December 23, please drop on by The G2 Gallery, which is dedicated to "bringing attention to environmental issues through the persuasive power of photographic art," and check it all out (at the very least, to make sure this is actually happening and not just some cruel joke or dream I've yet to wake from).

The best part is, all proceeds from any of the art sales will go to environmental organizations aimed at preserving our natural world for generations to come (so buy someone's stuff...you'll be saving the world!!!).

I could not be prouder and more humbled to be a part of this...

Details are in the below flyer...

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