Gettin' Real On The Streets With Chris Laughter And Loose At The Carnival With AlanaChan Warrior Princess

A few months ago, I was able to share with you some work from a few editorial shoots I did for travel & lifestyle guide Citizine.Tv. It was a project in which I was able to hang out with some influencers and tastemakers from various disciplines, including Funny or Die's President of Production Mike Farrah, culinary adventurist Krista Simmons, uber fashionista Marta Pozzan, and Delicious DJ Duo Posso. It was a heck of a lot of fun, and it was quite refreshing to be able to see my city through a variety of different eyes.

Well, Citizine has gone done published a couple of more so I wanted to share these ones with you. This time around, I got a chance to hang out for a day with Los Angeles area filmmaker and social influencer Chris Laughter (and make sure to check out what he's doing with My Peoples, a new project that lives streams on Facebook live each Sunday and brings together celebrities, artists, activists, experts, policymakers, comedians, and individuals who want to discuss what the media won't). In between real talk of politics, music, art and tacos, we sampled some of said tacos, candies, libations, dumplings, classic architecture and a whole lotta street shooting through Downtown Los Angeles.

As if that wasn't enough, I was incredibly super fortunate to spend a full day with the insanely WAYYY too much fun travel vlogger Alana Fickes, aka Alana Chan Warrior Princess! After getting our health on over a nutritious meal at Urth Cafe in Venice, we figured let's burn that energy off at the carnival! We found ourselves on the Santa Monica Pier getting crazy on swinging pirate ships and ferris wheels before winding down to another awe-inducing Pacific Ocean sunset.

Anyhow, I've included a selection of some of my favorites from those shoots below, and you can check out the full pieces with their words and recommendations at Citizine. Here's my day with Chris Laughter, and here's Alana Fickes.


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