Tahiti Bought The Ticket So You Can Take The Ride.

So I was insanely fortunate to get the opportunity to spend a week shooting virtual reality footage for the Tahiti Tourism board in French Polynesia on the islands of Tahiti with the infamously fantabulous travelista Joan Jetsetter and uber-mad-scientist pioneering virtual reality engineer Sergi Perdices. While I'll be preparing a couple of thorough posts about that ridiculous experience in the next couple of weeks, I couldn't wait to share a few images with you that I felt might make some solid backgrounds for your phones. A few screenshots samples are above, and if you click through, you can simply right-click and download the high resolution versions to use on your own devices if you so choose. 

The possibilities in Virtual Reality have had me quite excited for quite some time, providing an entirely new and immersive way to tell stories that have the potential to connect people on a cerebral and empathetic level never before known to humankind. With this in mind, and the opportunities currently afforded those who delve into it, I've begun a new venture with global jet setting travel blogger and photographer Joan Jetsetter in an effort to create compelling virtual reality footage for a variety of disciplines, from travel to news. We're called Take The Ride Productions (this one's for the HST fans out there) and I'll be telling you much more about it soon. We're still at the beginning stages, so you'll see it evolve in the next several weeks, but if you're interested to see what we're up to in the meantime, feel free to follow us on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.

And if you don't have a Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, or some other type of virtual reality viewer, get at it! The very medium of media itself is in the midst of a revolutionary makeover. Plus, we'll be releasing the videos we shot out there soon so you can experience what we did, the way we did. 

Anywho...here are those images, all of which were shot on a Samsung Galaxy Note 5.