Citizine Helped Me Re-Discover My City Through The Eyes Of It's Influencers

Over the course of a recent 4 weeks, I found myself hanging out in Will Ferrell's Funny or Die offices with the company's co-founder Mike Farah, sipping cappuccinos and visiting Sunset Boulevard art galleries with fashionista Marta Pozzan, inhaling tacos and mezcal with globetrottin' foodie Krista Simmons, and joyriding up Pacific Coast Highway with the gorgeous DJ Duo POSSO

I forgot how much fun editorial shoots can be. 

October of 2015 was quite the month. In addition to the insanely wonderful times had as part of the Samsung Camera group at's PIX2015 Photography Expo, I had the chance to shoot for a new client,, shoots I haven't been able to share with you until now.

In addition to travel destination ideas and recommendations, Citizine, which was started by one of the co-founders of YouTube tech-nerd-geek-juggernaut Machinima, offers profiles and features with tastemakers in those various destinations, who guide you through their cities their way - their favorite hangouts, favorite restaurants, shops, activities. Essentially, the things and places that influencers from various disciplines do, where they hang out, what they eat...the parts of their city they love so much.

Anyhow, here are a few of the images from a couple of those shoots below, the ones that are now live at Citizine - Funny or Die's President of Production Mike Farrah, culinary explorer and influencer Krista Simmons, fashion blogger and expert Marta Pozzan, and fashionista babe DJ duo Posso. To read the interviews and see all of the images, click on their name in this paragraph.

Many thanks to Joan Jetsetter for hooking it up and Arden Shore for makin' it happen! 

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Most images were shot on a Samsung NX1 with help from a Samsung NX500.

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