TreyUSA Does L.A. - Trey Ratcliff's Photowalk Tour Found It's Way To Santa Monica

So that was a super fun evening! The one, the only Trey Ratcliff from and fame made his Los Angeles stop of his TreyUSA photowalk tour across the U.S. last weekend. There were at least 300 photographers crawling the Santa Monica beach and pier area, all of us learning, laughing, and snapping away.

The event even proved to be a night of firsts for me - not only was it my first ever photowalk but it was also the first time I finally got to meet my Arcanum master Robin Griggs Wood in the flesh, which was a very special thing for me. I also ran into Ibarionex Perello from The Candid Frame, in my opinion the best photography podcast around. Apparently the legendary Karen Hutton was amongst the chaos of the masses, but somehow I missed her!

This was also a big deal for me for Trey was one of the first photographers that I began following heavily on social media when Google+ first hit the scene about 3 or 4 years ago. His path and story have been incredibly inspiring and has helped open worlds to me that I never even knew existed. So to be able to meet, hear, learn from, and shoot with the man himself was one of those highlight moments in my continuing photographic journey. Thanks so much Trey for setting the thing up and hope to see you again soon.

Below is a gallery of some of my favorite shots from the event, all shot on a Samsung NX1 with a combination of the 16-50 S lens and the 50-150 S lens with the exception of the group image, which was shot by award winning wildlife and aerial photographer Laurie Rubin. Click on any of them and it'll open up a lightbox slideshow.

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