Let Me Be Candid Here...

Several years back, when I first began my immersion into digital photography world, I found myself religiously listening to every photography related podcast I could find. As the years went on and podcasts became more and more popular, more and more of them began to find their way onto my playlist. As time went on, however, I've been able to narrow it down to the handful that truly resonated with me, and there was always one that stood high on that list.

The Candid Frame.

I've been a weekly listener for almost half of it's 10 year existence, so believe me when I tell you that if you haven't heard it before, and you've got even the slightest interest in photography or art or expression in general, this one is a must. There's rarely any talk about gear or technique or any of the , but it's more of a cerebral journey through the creator's mind through free-flowing, intellectually invigorating, and creatively inspiring 

It's a peek into the minds behind the images. What makes them tick? What makes them who they are? What makes them do what they do the way they do it? 

Not to mention...Ibarionex Perello's voice. You'll understand as soon as he utters his first words of whatever episode you decide to hit play on!

So when I got an email from host Ibarionex Perello asking for an interview for the show, you can imagine my nervous disbelief. I was floored, excited and humbled all at once. I've had a chance to get to know Ibarionex over the past year or so by means of the Samsung Imagelogger group that we're both a part of, and he's one of those rare instances, especially in Los Angeles, in which your respect only goes up for him after meeting him in person. 

On top of being a professional and magnificent street photographer himself, he's the combined Bill Moyers, Marc Maron, Charlie Rose, and Larry King of photography podcasts and to be a guest on his show is truly one of the highlights of my photography journey so far.

Click here to check out that episode.

Thanks Ibarionex, thanks to the This Week In Photo network, and thanks to anyone and everyone who gave it a listen. Whether or not you listen to my episode, make sure The Candid Frame is a part of your playlist. It'll get you 'seeing' the 'light' in ways you never knew you were capable of.

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