Tattoo Artist Jun Cha's New Site Is Live With My Images! Get Inked!

So a few months ago, I got the incredible opportunity to photograph legendary tattoo artist Jun Cha’s new studio in Downtown Los Angeles. It was for his new website so I haven’t been able to share them yet until the site went live. Well, as of this week, it’s now live at This guy is the real deal. I mean, people fly him out to crazy places like Thailand and Hong Kong to get inked by his gifted hands. If you read this blog, you might remember my post on minimizing reflections in interior photography, and I posted an image to demonstrate the effect. That was from his studio and from this shoot. The studio’s delicate decor is as elegant as the art that Jun permanently adorns his subjects with. Everything from Renaissance busts to Greek mythology to statues of David and ancient Roman columns, all tied together with the monochromatic veins of his hand-laid granite tile flooring. If you're thinking of getting tatted, this is the place to do it...the space was gorgeous. Anyhow, a few of the images are in the gallery below, but make sure to check out the site to see the full set how Jun Cha intended them to be seen:

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