The Spirit Of The Mountain Calls Again - Here're This Year's Entries!

I can’t believe it’s been a full year since the last one. That photo contest that I was honored to place 2nd and 3rd in last year, the National Park Service sponsored “Spirit Of The Mountain” photo contest? Well, it’s back. I just submitted my two entries, the two you see above, "Family Time" and "Pole Position,” two images taken within the past 12 months in the Santa Monica Mountain Range.

If you happen to find yourself in the area between November 2 and November 23, stop by the Interagency Visitor Center at the King Gillette Ranch. It’s right across the road from Malibu Creek State Park, so make a day of it…trust me, it’s absolutely gorgeous. Oak groves and rock pools and lakes and streams…hard to believe it’s only 35 minutes from Santa Monica and Los Angeles’ Westside.

Anyhow, if you happen to make it on November 2, that’s the opening reception, and renown photographer Tom Gamache, the man behind the beautiful images in Matthew Jaffe’s “The Santa Monica Mountains - Range On The Edge,” will be there to critique the entries. Also, Gamache has his images currently on exhibition at the same visitor center. That there is worth it alone.

The images above were taken on Samsung NX300 and NX30 cameras.

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