Hoorah! The Samsung Imageloggers (Including Moi) Took Over Rangefinder Magazine.

So this Samsung Imagelogger journey has been an extremely unexpected ray of light that just keeps shining brighter as the months go on. In addition to the cameras and gear (as if that wasn't enough), another huge benefit of this thing is the ridiculous exposure and opportunities we get. Some of us got to go to Photokina on Samsung’s behalf, some of us gave away free NX30s in Times Square a few months ago, some of us had our images used in promotional material and ads, some of us ended up on a safari. Well, this week, some of us had the humble pleasure of taking over a full special issue of Rangefinder Magazine, a pretty influential magazine in the photography industry. It’s the official magazine of WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International) and one that is part of the The Photo Group network, the same group that puts on Photo Plus Expo each year in New York City (coming later this month coincidentally…). So here’s a digital version of the issue: http://tinyurl.com/mosgsaq

I won’t tell you what page I’m on to not-so-sneakily force you to flip through these other incredible photographer’s work.

Check out the feature on Laura Winslow and how she uses photography to document her children’s lives - those sunny funny bright images are impossible not to love.

Check out Rinzi Ruiz and how and why he uses his cameras to produce some of the most striking fine-art street photography in today’s modern landscape.

Check out husband and wife team Tim and Staci Landis’ beautifully unconventional pairing and the incredible photographic journey it has led them upon.

Check out how prolific photographer and host of the Candid Frame Podcast, Ibarionex Perello, used the compact nature of a mirrorless system to intimately capture a portion of the fantasy inducing Eiffel Tower standing in stark contrast to an impromptu political protest in Paris.

And finally, you’ll find my image “Family Time,” and the story behind it in there.

How they figured I should be squashed between these people, I’ll never know…but I’ll take it! Anyhow, it’s an incredible honor and I’m completely and utterly humbled to be amongst such an insanely inspiring group of people and can’t wait to see what the next year brings.

In the meantime, if you guys are planning on getting a new camera, call me crazy (I would have too a year ago today), but I can’t say enough about these Samsung cameras. Pretty much every image you’ve seen me post here or Google Plus or Instagram or Twitter since last November has been on one of their offerings, and quite honestly, it’s undoubtedly been the biggest year of growth for me in terms of photography.

The NX300

The NX30

The NXMini

The NX3000

and coming soon (but not soon enough hot damnit!)…the NX1:

Ok then, go shoot some stuff!

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