The Proof Sheet – Photography News In Review For The Week of August 4


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Nikon finally settles (some of) the D600 madness. In a recent settlement in favor of participants in the Zimmerman & Reed class action lawsuit against Nikon for faulty D600 sensors, Nikon will replace their D600 with a D610 free of charge. Read the full letter of the settlement at PetaPixel.

A spacecraft that was launched 10 years ago to capture a comet (yes, I’m actually saying that seriously) has, well, captured the comet! The European Space Agency’s Rosetta has successfully caught up with Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko halfway between Jupiter and Mars, and has already sent back images. To see them, head over to the European Space Agency’s site by clicking here.

Finally! Image usage rights for dummies all thanks to The Visual Communication Guy, Curtis Newbold. In an infographic flowchart, he explains everything from copyright to creative commons to fair use and public domain, efficiently demonstrating what’s right and what’s wrong usage of any particular image. All you have to do is answer a couple yes’s and a couple no’s to keep the lawyers from knocking on your inbox. Click HERE for the chart.

In addition to launching a new website dedicated to Apple Aperture users who are deciding whether to migrate to Lightroom or not in wake of Apple’s announcement that they will be discontinuing their photo editing software, Adobe has also officially released a guide explaining how to perform the migration to Lightroom. Additionally, as reported by PetaPixel, they’ve hinted at new software that will help with the migration as well.

Speaking of Adobe, they’ve announced a partnership deal with photo sharing site 500px, bundling together Adobe’s photographer’s package, which includes Lightroom and Photoshop, along with a 500px Awesome account for an annual fee of $165. Click here to learn more about it directly from 500px.