Cover Your Bases - Here Are Some Of The Best Photographers Insurance Options

Photographers bread and butter depends 100% on their camera and their camera gear, and the simple fact that this gear must be on our backs at all times, very often in sketchy situations and locations, lends to the necessity of insurance for their gear. There are many options for insurance tailored to photographers and creatives, so here are a few of those to check out:

Professional Photographers of America (PPA). Well known and well-established, the PPA is a great choice for photographers seeking insurance. They’ve been around since 1880. Yes, you read that right EIGHTEEN EIGHTY, and that puts them in a unique position to know and cater to photographers needs since, well, photography existed. The one catch here is that you need to be a PPA member to reap the benefits of PPA photographers insurance. However, with membership dues running between 273-323 per year, that includes a host of additional benefits, it’s a small price to pay to cover up to $15,000 of your equipment. Click here to check em out.

Hill & Usher - This 20 year old company started off as just a construction-insurance company, and has since expanded to all sorts of industries and niches, including photography with their specialized Insurance for Media Professionals Package Choice. They have options for everything from personal gear to full studio insurance. Premiums range between 4-500 dollars depending on location and other factors including how much coverage you need. Click here for more information.

Tom Pickard Insurance (TCP Insurance) - Tom Pickard Insurance specialized in Photographer Insurance, with both long term and short term policies available. Long term insurance is about $500 for the year, which includes portfolio and computer equipment coverage, which is very competitive and reasonable. Check them by clicking here.

Homeowners/ Renters Insurance - Another option is to look into your homeowners or renter’s insurance policies. Oftentimes they cover a good portion of your gear, with some restrictions, and if it’s not on your policy, it’s worth asking, because chances are good they’ll have an offering or be able to refer you. I mean, after all, have you ever heard of an insurance company that would turn down business?

Additionally, if you’re a member of the American Society of Media Professionals (ASMP), or American Photographic Artists (APA), they also have access to resources to lead you in trusted directions for photographer insurance, so it’s worth asking them before you choose one of the above options.

And finally, make sure to also register your equipment with Lenstag as an additional useful (and free) precautionary measure. Click here for a bit about that!

Hopefully this information will help you rest assured that no matter what photography psychotica situation you might find yourself in, someone’s got your back!

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