The Proof Sheet – Photography News In Review For The Week of July 21

Welcome to The Proof Sheet, where each week I'll post some of the more notable photography news in sweet, chewy, bite-sized, easily-digestible morsels. Click the Read More for this week's stories.Blackmagic Design Updates its firmware for their 4K Production Camera. Firmware update 1.9 offers a ‘heads up display’ showing a histogram, peak audio meters, and recording time remaining. They also announced they will soon be including these features in firmware upgrades for the other BlackMagic cameras as well. Click here for the update.

Ooops…did David Hobby, aka The Strobist, just post the first picture taken with the upcoming Fuji X100T? It’s been since taken down, but FStoppers managed to pick up on it and post a screenshot of the EXIF data. Click here to check it out.

As of this week, Lytro is officially on 500px, and they’ve already posted a variety of images taken on their latest piece of hardware madness, the Illum. One of the benefits we get as part of their partnership together is $250 off the Lytro Illum. Click here to visit their 500px page for more information.

ONA, the fashionable camera accessory and bag maker, announced that they have partnered with "charity: water,” a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations, with a special handcrafted black leather strap dubbed Sahel, PetaPixel reports. Click here to find out more about the strap and the charity.

That curved sensor by Sony we talked about last time? Well, according to PetaPixel, it just might end up showing up not only in their new full frame camera, the RX, but it might also debut in the upcoming Xperia Z3X. Yes, a curved sensor in a smartphone. What have we gotten ourselves into…

And for a little bit o’ cheek funny, here are 10 Things That Annoy Photo Enthusiasts, but the one and only DigitalRev: