The Proof Sheet – Photography News In Review For The Week of July 14

Welcome to The Proof Sheet, where each week I'll post some of the more notable photography news in sweet, chewy, bite-sized, easily-digestible morsels. Click the Read More for this week's stories.

Photoshop World

Photoshop World-A-Thon : So many of us can’t make it out to Photoshop World, so what’s the next best thing to attending the real thing? Attending Photoshop World-A-Thon. A full night of tips and tricks taught and demonstrated by Photoshop World veterans including Scott Kelby, all from the comfort of your own home. The free webinar comes with a free virtual swag bag and it all happens on July 24 at 7pm ET. CLICK HERE to register.

Aperture To Lightroom Migration Tool Now Available - While there hasn’t been an official release from either Apple or Adobe, there is a beta version of a new tool to help you begin your migration from Aperture to Lightroom in the wake of Apple’s announcement to stop developing Aperture. The tool is called Aperture Exporter and if you want it, CLICK HERE to visit the official site and download link.

Last week we talked about BBC opening up it’s journalism training courses to the public. This week it’s the Massachuessetes Institute of Technology. Through their Open Courseware project, MIT just gave us “Documentary Photography and Photojournalism: Still Images of a World in Motion,” a course actually offered at the iconic university. The free offerings include everything from the official syllabus to assignments and other course materials. CLICK HERE to go to class.

Blackmagic Design have cut the price of their popular Pocket Cinema Camera by HALF! As if the $1000 prices tag wasn’t low enough for a professional level cinema camera that can shoot 1080 footage in RAW ProRes format with 13 stops of dynamic range, they’ve gone lost their minds and decided to make it available for $495 from now through the month of August. Git it! CLICK HERE for more info.

Best of the Blogs

Photographer John Rowe, along with Ethiopian Kara tribesman Lale Labuko have teamed up to help stop the practice of Mingi, an age old tradition of labeling certain children, mostly born with physical abnormalities, as ‘cursed.’ These children have traditionally been taken away and killed. Thanks to Labuko and Rowe’s Omo Child Organization, they have helped bring an end to the practice. CLICK HERE to read more about it. (source NBC)

A first-aid trained journalist from Norway stopped in midst broadcast when a bomb exploded in proximity to where he was reporting from in Gaza. He rushed to the scene where he aided an injured child, before taking a moment to gather himself and resume his job by photographing the incident and the child. For the story and the video, CLICK HERE. (source Petapixel)