The Proof Sheet - Photography News In Review For The Week of July 7

Welcome to the inaugural edition of The Proof Sheet, where each week I'll post some of the more notable photography news in sweet, chewy, bite-sized, easily-digestible morsels. Click the Read More for this week's stories.

EyeFi, the makers of those wonderful wifi enabled SD cards for you DSLR, along with influencer marketing agency Evolve!, apparently did some research together, the results of which were released this week - an infographic that displays what they consider to be “The Top 30 Most Socially Influential Photographers.” Jeremy Cowart, Joe McNally, and Peter Klesken top the list, followed closely by Chase Jarvis, Adam Bouska, and Jimmy Chin. As expected Scott Kelby, Trey Ratcliff, and Thomas Hawk made the list. Click here to check out the entire infographic.

Building on the success of their #DitchDay event in NYC last month in which Samsung gave away thousands of their NX30 mirrorless cameras, they've now partnered up with Amazon for their own version of that DitchTheDSLR event, this one called SamsungNXLive. On Monday, July 14 at 10am Pacific, head over to this link, where, accompanied by a live photography training session, you'll be able to trade in any of your DSLRs for $250 dollars off of a Samsung NX30 or NX300.

Indonesian photographer Herman Damar captures some of the most idyllic, charming, joyfully warm images of everyday children in everyday village life in Indonesia. What you see are moments that seem like they’re plucked straight out of a fantasy or fairytale, making them even that much more difficult to believe that they’re real. But they are. And if you don’t check ‘em out, you’re certainly missing out. Click here to view them all over on PetaPixel.

Japanese website Nikkei leaked an image this week of what is supposedly the first image taken with Sony's new curved sensor, one that apparently closer mimics the way the human eye works. The technology behind it aims to eliminate vignetting and soft pixels in the corners that is typical of images from the camera sensors we’ve grown to know and use. Click here for the leaker and the image.

Perhaps in an effort to combat the inane Idiocracy-esque state of our mainstream media, the BBC College of Journalism decided to blow the door open on their journalism training resources for the next year, letting the public in on all their courses and sessions and documents that they use to train their own journalists (yes, I know it’s surprising, but in some parts of the world, journalism actually requires more than a miniskirt and a microphone). Some of the topics include smartphone journalism, ethical journalism, secret filming, and documentary making. Click here to get edumacated. reported this week that Vision Research releases “the fastest camera on the market,” The Phantom v2511. Apparently this beast is capable of moving through 25,600 frames per second. Um…yeah! Madness. Click here to read more about it at PopPhoto.