Help Me Help Malnourished Children In Guatemala! I Just Launched My Indiegogo Campaign

Some of you might remember a Kickstarter campaign I launched a few years ago to visit organic farms on different continents around the world to document and share their methods through interactive publications. While at the time it was unfortunate that it didn’t get funded, in hindsight, well, I was overzealous in trying to take on waaaay too big a project all at once, so it was a blessing in disguise not to get funded at that time for that scope of ambition. So with a bit more experience and few thousand more shutter clicks under my belt, and some more realistic goals considering the time and money, I’ve re-purposed that project into something much more scalable and handleable. This time, I’ll be focusing on one region at a time, cutting the amount of funds needed, and giving me an opportunity to prove myself with each round before moving onto the next.

The first region I plan to visit is Latin America, and the country I plan to find myself in is Guatemala.

Guatemala has the highest rate of malnourished children in Latin America, and the 4th highest rate worldwide. This made Guatemala an easy choice for my first destination and child malnutrition an even easier first issue to try to tackle and document. I mean, seriously, 50% of the children in Guatemala do not receive the proper nutrition during the first 1000 days of their lives, causing irreparable damage to the brain and body.

Anyhow, I’ll save my soapbox speech for the video above (j/k…sort of!) and if you’d like to learn more about what I’m trying to do, here is the link that explains everything and gives you the chance to contribute or to share to others whom you might think would be interested:

Phocus - A Humanitarian Photography Project Volume 1: Guatemala :

Without your help, I can’t make this happen, and I think after you see the video and the project page, you’ll understand why it’s so important that I do.

If you have any questions at all, please please please do not hesitate to click here to contact me. I will try to answer every email and inquiry.