One Step At A Time - Forging Ahead In My Photographic Journey

So if you’ve logged on lately, you might have noticed, but I wanted to wait until everything was ported over from one to the other before introducing my new website. I've been working hard the past several weeks getting this sucker in shape and I think it’s ready! You’ll notice that the homepage no longer begins with my portfolio, but rather with the blogroll, so that way you’ll see the latest, and freshest content whenever you log on. Additionally, I’ve created two categories for the blog posts. One, 'Journeys,’ will continue to focus on my personal photographic journeys and adventures that you've grown used to, the other, ‘Lessons' will focus on tips and tricks and lessons learned through my photographic (hopefully) growth.

I’ve been getting quite a few questions about photography, so figured this would be a good time to start answering some of them and perhaps providing a bit of insight into my process. However, please take everything with a grain of salt. I am not an expert on anything and would never claim to be. I’m just a photographer and aspiring artist with a passion to keep learning his craft, and hopefully, as I learn, I’ll have some information to share that might be of value to some of you out there. With that being said, if you have any photography related questions, please feel free to send them to me through the contact form or the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them or find someone who has an answer for you!

Additionally, I’ve revamped the portfolio a bit. Added a few new images to the 'Places' section and added ‘Periphery,’ where I’ll be regularly posting some of my favorite images from out and about that might not fit into the other categories. They’ll be a mix of images from all my sources - from professional gigs all the way to my Instagram feed - and there's no rhyme or reason to how they're displayed. Whenever you refresh, it'll look different. This is the section that will be filled with random photography psychotica! Sometimes it's how I see the world, sometimes it's how I'd like to see it. The filters, fun, nonsensical, moody and abstract aspects of what goes on up in this noggin' need a home too!

Thank you again so much to everyone that has followed along so far. All your words of encouragement and comments and laughs and votes of confidence are behind the forces that are keeping me going on this camera(s)-laden journey. This has saved my sanity and given me a place to focus my energy on through a rough patch in my life, especially over the past several years, so please know that I'm so insanely humbled that you've joined me thus far. I hope that you enjoy the next part of this adventure at least a fraction of how much I'll enjoy presenting it to you.

Also, please keep me in the loop on what's going on in your worlds as well. I'm genuinely interested in growing together however we can. After all, isn't sharing what art is all about?

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Ok then - Let's do this thing!