DSLR? What DSLR? Oh How Quickly We Forget - A Mirrorless Camera Pacific Northwest Photo Trip - The Epilogue

So this is just a quick wrap-up post to the Pacific Northwest Photo Trip series. As you all know by now, I have been fortunate enough to be chosen as one of 50 Samsung Imageloggers, essentially, a brand ambassador for Samsung’s line of mirrorless camera systems. And as you know by now, this is the first trip in which I battled with myself beforehand on whether or not to bring the DSLR I’m so used to and that has been the crux of my work for several years. And, well, I was pushed by my peers to challenge myself…so I did.

Well, as the previous 7 parts to series have illustrated, I had absolutely NO problem adjusting to the Samsung NX30, and there was not a single moment on the entire trip that I had wished I brought my trusty Nikon DSLR system. As a matter of fact, a bit of the unexpected happened. The guy I was with, who had flown me out to help him on the video project, had an entire Canon 5D Mark III kit with a variety of L-Series lenses on hand, but as soon as he got a hold of the NX30, ended up spending the rest of the time envious of the lack of weight I was carrying and the results I was getting out of this thing. While he might start searching for other mirrorless options in the full-frame sensor range for his purposes, the point is, he is now considering a mirrorless system.

Anyhow what you see above, as you’ve probably noticed this time, is a video. It’s nothing special, there’s no narrative, no story. It’s just simply a series of clips from some of the various locations we were in that you saw the pictures in the last 6 installments of this series from. A small sample of the sights…the sounds…the colors - all taken on the Samsung NX30 mirrorless camera. Being an ex-video guy myself, I was curious to see the quality of the video feature set as well as the still image quality. I was not disappointed. (Make sure to click the little gear wheel and choose to watch in HD quality!)

As far as the pictures, I’ve dropped them all into the madness of one random scrolling gallery below. Enjoy. And thanks for following along with the series. In case you missed them and would like to read the words behind the pictures, here are the links from the beginning:

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