Cheez Whizzed In Stumptown - A Mirrorless Camera Pacific Northwest Photo Trip - Part 4

So we decided that day 4 was going to be our "takin’ it ‘easy for all them sinners” day (extra points if you get that reference…). After charging it pretty hard the past 3 days from sunup to well past sundown, we were understandable a bit groggy this morning so decided to sort of ease ourselves into the day and let the day play out on its own, especially since we had already got more footage than we expected in the can. We decided to play it close to home and started off by heading into the Forest Hills Park that spoons the city of Portland from the west side. For what we were looking for, it was perfect. It’s a popular hiking, biking, and walking haven for the city’s residents and the morning’s precipitation gave it a polished saturated gleen that we used to our advantage. We were able to capture a few shots we had on the checklist for the video portion, and I managed to snap a few more stills on my new trusty sidekick, the Samsung NX30.

After that, we headed into downtown Portland for a much needed cup o’ coffee at the award-winning Stumptown Coffee Roasters, and, well, it was pretty apparent that whatever award it was...was well-deserved. An absolutely perfect cappuccino and a vegan Peanut Butter bar sidekick that came highly recommended by the staff, on a barstool at the window, looking out on Portland's rainy Southwest Stark Street. Yup, that’ll do. We took the opportunity to lazily talk over the shotlist and a tentative game plan for the next few days before walking over to 10th and Washington, one side of a half block that is essentially a mobile food cart mall. I meandered a bit checking out the myriad of culinary offerings but once I noticed “we use real Cheez Whiz” on the ‘Steak Your Claim’ Philly Cheesesteak cart, I was sold.

Since we knew last couple of days were going to be just as full as the first few, we figured this was a good time to call it day and head back to home base and begin editing and sorting through some of the stuff from earlier in the week and, other than a few portrait snaps of our host's insanely adorable daughter (can you blame me!?), that was that. I mean, after a Cheez Whiz drenched Philly Cheesesteak…well…there isn’t going to be much more physical movement going on…and we were SOOOO okay with that.

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