Photofocus Does It Again - Notch Up Another Point For The Samsung NX300

I'm absolutely humbled to have my second Featured Image on the Photofocus homepage. This is crazy. Thanks to Melissa Niu, Scott Bourne, Richard Harrington and the entire Photofocus team for this ridiculous honor. Words cannot express how appreciative I am. Had to share that. Meanwhile, Part 2 of the Mirrorless Camera Pacific Northwest Photo Trip coming up soon. I'll be sitting on a train for 7 hours today from Portland to Spokane, so that should give me plenty of time to wrap that bugger up. If you missed Part 1, "To DSLR Or Not To DSLR, That Is The Question," just click the title there to the left. And considering both those Photofocus featured images were shot on the Samsung NX300 for their Imagelogger program, that provides just another point on the board for mirrorless. The rest of this trip ought settle that score once and for all. And if you missed the first image Photofocus featured, check it out by clicking here.