It's Official! I've Been Labeled! And I'm Totally OK With It!

Worth The Climb_Topanga_Canyon_California_Sunset
So this is kinda neat! Remember that beef jerky company from last year that licensed one of my images for their label? Well, they're now at market!!!
If you're a beef jerky fan (as I most certainly am), you'll love this stuff. I've had several batches of it and it's the perfect consistency and toughness. None of that soft madness, and not so tough it's like biting through leather, it's right in between.
And tasty.
And juicy.
And spicy.
And gluten-free.
And you even get a free flosser with each pack (clever...).
If you're around Los Angeles, you can pick it up at Topanga Fresh in Topanga Canyon and a few more stores that I'll list here soon.
If you're not in the area here in Los Angeles, you can order directly from the website,, where you can also see the image on the label!!
Can you tell I'm sorta excited about this...