The Giving Lens’ Colby Brown Goes To The Philippines - Shows Why He’s The Real Deal

Colby_Brown_Philippines_The_Giving_Lens Figured in light of Colby Brown's impromptu brave decision to head down to the Philippines to help with the aftermath of this month's insanely devastating typhoon, this was a good time to re-share this. It’s an article I wrote about his philanthropic photographic organization, The Giving Lens. It originally appeared on Kotori Magazine, but his dedication to using his craft and his heart to lead his humanitarian-heavy path is freshly demonstrated with his recent move, so it seemed a good time to rehash it for those that may have missed it. 

Follow his exploits on his Facebook page, his Google+ page, his Twitter feed, and definitely check into his organization, The Giving Lens, at

And click here for the article from earlier this year, The Giving Lens Gets Focused. Trust me, you're going to want to know about these guys if you don't already. These are the sorts of stories that restore hope in humanity's future.