Far Meadow Yosemite - A photo trip? (Part 1)

The stillness is a tad unnerving at first…but then the fact that there is absolutely no noise coming from anything other than the keyboard and an occasional distant howl, the source of which I've yet to determine, begins to quickly become soothing. Once your brain gets past the fact that you've decided, on your own will, to drive through the central valley during one of the most scorching heat waves we've seen in these parts (I watched my car thermometer climb from 103 and end up at 109 before finally beginning to gain elevation after passing through Oakhurst and winding my way up to the Far Meadow on tires that should have been changed 5000 miles ago), and you catch sight of the foothills of the High Sierras, and you start heading in their direction…everything begins to fall into place.

Sort of…

The truth is, I had no idea what to expect. All I was told was my bosses had built a new rental cabin on their property just outside Yosemite, and they needed photos taken of it for the site, marketing materials, whatever. They'd have it ready by Thursday, and I can stay in it if I snapped some images they can use. How the hell can I say no? How the hell can anyone say no? So I grabbed my camera, packed the car, picked up an Eye-Fi Mobi (that I'm ridiculously excited to play with), and, well, let's do this thing! 


After finagling with trying to find the directions (long story…basically, bad reception, spotty internet, had to track down a pdf from Mexico…the sort that tells you to turn at the stake at about 1.5 miles, watch for the store, turn at the wooden sign on the dirt road…etc etc etc…), I pulled into a grocery store in Oakhurst to grab some supplies/foods/stuffs just in case, and the store was busier than anything I'd ever seen. If you were in the middle of an aisle grabbing a bag of pretzels, forget about it…you're trapped by at least 5 or 6 other carts until they've finished their business. It was beyond 'excuse me' at that point. Ohhh…riiighhht…4th of July is tomorrow…thank GOD I wasn't heading into Yosemite Valley on this trip…

Instead…pass through pure unadulterated Americana as you meander along the 41 to the 222 to the 274 to the Country Store to the sign at the dirt road…and…wow. I mean…wow. Tall pine trees and redwoods surrounded my every move, and once I got off the main road, I had 14 miles of the most spectacularly gorgeous winding Yosemite mountain roads all to myself. Literally, there was one other car I saw the entire way. Saw plenty of meadows, cows, meadows, trees, more cows, more meadows…it's incredible. Car commercial incredible! Yeah, I said it.


I pull onto the property and track down the bosses/owners of this madness. After being carted into an insanely charming solar powered vintage Silver Stream trailer that I get to call home for the night, they walk me to the newest addition to their property, an A-frame cabin that they're currently putting the final touches on. I fell in love with it immediately. Nothing spectacular, nothing fancy, nothing gaudy at all. It's simplicity at its absolute finest. And just off to the right of it, a gorgeous unspoiled open meadow caught my eye…I happened upon it just as the sun was beginning to set behind the hills there for the night. I ran out there, the dog followed. Below is a gallery of those first few glorious hours.

Yup, this oughtta be a pretty neato few days.

I made my way back to the cabin where the boss couple were cooking up T-bones and potatoes over an open fire, we sat down and feasted, had a few glasses of wine, rubbed olive oil all over the table (don't ask…but believe you me, I will steal that trick one day…), and now here I sit. Retired to my trailer for the evening. Trying not to get too caught up and just be with it as it happens. Anywho...can't wait to see what the days ahead bring...

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