A Spontaneous Excursion Up Pacific Coast Highway – Part 4: From Big Sur To Barbeque

Wasim Muklashy Photography_Big Sur_California_Samsung NX3000_ SAM_0815_1800

I woke up this morning a bit ragged. Today it was much harder to open the eyes, due in no small part to the fact that I was planning on making the drive back from Big Sur to Los Angeles. As I was unzipping my tent and cursing under my breath that I couldn’t at least indulge in a cup of coffee on my final morning here due to the fire ban, there comes my aunt, as if on cue, straight out of the bushes at the other end of the campground, holding bright sunny fresh to-go cups of coffee! Boom!

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What Apple iOS 8 Manual Camera Controls Means For The Masses

iphone-ios8-manual-camera-controls-apiSo as we already know, Apple has opened up it’s manual camera controls for developers and users in it’s new iOS 8. What this means for pro photographers is that they can finally take charge of their images similar to the way that they’re used to with their professional gear. What this means for amateur photographers and those who use their iPhone to snap their lives’ memories, is that they’re going to be insanely confused at first and wonder what the hell it all means and why can’t they just point and click like they were used to. But then, as they start to play with it all, they’ll realize they’re getting better images, and start to wonder why. So, to minimize that time between ‘wtf’ and ‘oh wow,’ here is a quick breakdown of the Apple iOS 8 manual camera controls that developers will have access to – what it all means and what it all does: Read more

A Spontaneous Excursion Up Pacific Coast Highway – Part 3: More Big Sur

Wasim Muklashy Photography_Big Sur_California_Samsung NX3000_082814_-SAM_2291_1800The next few days in Big Sur were nothing short of magical. We woke up the following morning, our first in Big Sur, and figured the most logical thing to do would be to hit the beach. And, well, who are we to argue logic? The universe led us down the 3/4 or so mile hiking path from the campsite, through a covered canopy of trees that straddles the Big Sur River, all the way down to the quaint cove that makes up Andrew Molera State Beach. Read more

Get 1 of 100 Limited Edition 36″x24″ Prints Of My Image “Pole Position” From Angeleno Artistry For Just $40

Wasim_Muklashy Photography_Malibu_California_Pole Position_Angeleno Artistry_Samsung NX30

This is sweet!! There’s a new company that just launched called Angeleno Artistry, who focus on showcasing 5 artists from the Los Angeles area each month, and they offer limited edition prints of a piece of work that we’ve created for them. Well, I am humbled to be one of September’s five showcased artists, as a matter of fact, one of their first 5 artists ever, alongside the crazy talent of Marilee Spencer, Stephen Paul, KFiSH, and JD Higham. If you want 1 of 100 limited edition 36″ x 24″ prints of my piece ‘Pole Position,’ and any of these other artists’  work, check it…they’re selling at AngelenoArtistry.com. They make GREAT gifts (yeah…that’s coming…). They’re only $40 bucks each. Pass it on…


A Spontaneous Excursion Up Pacific Coast Highway – Part 2: Big Sur

Wasim Muklashy Photography_Bixby Bridge_Big Sur_California_Samsung NX30_082614So after the kayak melee in Morro Bay, it was time for Stephen Chiang, the photographer I was assisting, and I to drive up north to San Francisco for the job the next morning. Put two photographers in a car, give them the choice between A. a straight and direct, but boring route, and B. a windy, curvy, 2-hours-longer scenic route through Big Sur, and, well, you can guess which one they’re going to choose 11 times out of 10. So up the curvy Pacific Coast Highway we went, absolutely one of the most beautiful and scenic drives in the country. Read more