Ten Fail Proof Gifts For Photographers In Your Circles

Wasim Muklashy Photography_Samsung NX3000_Los Angeles_California_Gifts For Photographers

Whether we’re ready to admit it or not, the holidays are upon us. I tried as long as I could to ignore the names of the months passing by on the calendar, but, well, once Daylight Savings Time hit, denial turned to grief turned to acceptance turned to ‘ok, fine, let’s do this thing!’ Anyhow, chances are there’s a photographer in your family or group of friends that you’ll have to shop for, and while we’re certainly a famously finicky bunch, I guarantee you, there’s still something that photographer “needs.” So here’s a list of things that will help turn that psychosis-inducing task of figuring it out into the easiest checkmark on your shopping list. Here are 10 fail-proof gifts for photographers in your circles. Read more

My Second Research Term For The Arcanum: Chromatic Aberration. Why? It’s Annoying…

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSo if you read my post My First Research Term For The Arcanum: Silence. Why? It’s Complicated…, you’d know what this is all about. As Robin Griggs Wood’s apprentice in Trey Ratcliff’s Arcanum, part of each week’s challenge is to research a term that relates to creativity. While the first term I researched was silence, this time, I chose “chromatic aberration.” Whether you know what it is or not, you’ve seen it, you’ve experienced it, and it’s annoyed the living crap out of you, so here’s a basic breakdown of the bugger and what I’ve found. Read more

My First 1st – ‘Pole Position’ Takes Top Spot In National Park Service Photo Contest!

Wasim-Muklashy-Photography_PCH-Pole-Position_Portrait-Crop_National Park Service Spirit Of The Mountain Photo ContestSo this is a quick one, but wanted to post an update to the National Park Service’s annual “Spirit Of The Mountains” photo contest I threw a couple entries into last month. Well, on November 2, they announced the winners. There were 4 categories, and my image “Pole Position” took 1st place in this year’s challenge category, “Variations On Light.” It was quite thrilling to see that ribbon and hear renowned photographer Tom Gamache’s positive critiques. Thank you to all who showed up and all those who supported me in this thing. I can’t express how happy I was to get my first 1st place ribbon in a photo contest. (And special thanks to my Arcanum cohort for convincing me on the portrait version of the image…that was key!). Read more

My First Research Term For The Arcanum: Silence. Why? It’s Complicated…

Wasim Muklashy Photography_110114_Samsung NX30_Rocky Peak Park_Simi Valley_California_The Arcanum_SilencePart of the deal as an apprentice in The Arcanum is each week we are presented with a weekly challenge by our master, and with each weekly challenge, in addition to finding images based on a theme, we are to find a term that relates to creativity in some way (however broad is up to us) and research that term and what we found out about it. So while I was trying to think of what term I wanted to research for my first weekly challenge, Read more

My Experience In Trey Ratcliff’s The Arcanum – Level 3: Wasim The Inspired!

Wasim-Muklashy-Photography_The Arcanum-Level-3a_for-siteSo this is where it all got real.

The experiences, the Networks, The Challenges. It’s all part of the process here in The Arcanum, but all of it, at first, seems a bit disconnected, another virtual forum, albeit a more positively engaging one sans the trolls and the, but, still,

I am now Wasim The Inspired!!

And with that, things immediately get a bit more serious. Read more

5 Black & White Photography Tips I Learned While Taking The Black & White Photography Challenge

Wasim Muklashy Photography_Realtime Lapse_Samsung NX3000_Malibu_CaliforniaSo I was recently challenged by a fellow Samsung Imagelogger, the talented portrait photographer Jess Anderson, to take the Black & White Photography Challenge. Basically, I had to post 5 black and white images in 5 days. Anyone that knows me or my work knows that color plays an enormous role in the images I choose to make, so this was definitely a bit intimidating. In addition to a few of my favorites from those recent 5 days, what follows are 5 things I learned and experienced in my little black & white journey. Read more

The Spirit Of The Mountain Calls Again – Here’re This Year’s Entries!

Wasim-Muklashy-Photography_Family-Time-and-Pole-Position_Malibu_California_Spirit-of-the-Mountain-National Park Service Contest_1500px

I can’t believe it’s been a full year since the last one. That photo contest that I was honored to place 2nd and 3rd in last year, the National Park Service sponsored “Spirit Of The Mountain” photo contest? Well, it’s back. I just submitted my two entries, the two you see above, “Family Time” and “Pole Position,” two images taken within the past 12 months in the Santa Monica Mountain Range. Read more

Ello Ello Ello Ello – All Aboard! My First Week On The Thing

wam-ello  wam-ello

So I’ve gone and done it…I’ve hitched a ride on the food cart of the Ello train to sample their wares. Here’s how our honeymoon together, our first week, has gone so far. A friend sent me an invite, I logged on, I created a profile (as quick and easy as a username and a short description), and immediately was like, WTF? But then I noticed an actual WTF button on the page. I knew we had a future together. Read more

Hoorah! The Samsung Imageloggers (Including Moi) Took Over Rangefinder Magazine.

Rangefinder Magazine_Samsung_ImageloggerSo this Samsung Imagelogger journey has been an extremely unexpected ray of light that just keeps shining brighter as the months go on. In addition to the cameras and gear (as if that wasn’t enough), another huge benefit of this thing is the ridiculous exposure and opportunities we get. Some of us got to go to Photokina on Samsung’s behalf, some of us gave away free NX30s in Times Square a few months ago, some of us had our images used in promotional material and ads, some of us ended up on a safari. Well, this week, some of us had the humble pleasure of taking over a full special issue of Rangefinder Magazine, a pretty influential magazine in the photography industry. Read more

A Monday Motivational Kick In The Yahoo – September 29, 2014

“Everything You Can Imagine Is Real.” -Pablo Picasso
Mmmhmm – This Week’s Motivational Kick In The Yahoo!