1. Shonie Hutter says:

    I think I have finally landed in 2014. to be greeted with this beauty from the mountain this morning and to be gazing at a clear blue sky from where I sit. Can I be more happy in this moment Can I carry it into the next? The beauty you share takes me there with my eyes wide open. Can I imagine a New Earth…….Yes! I can……Soooo A blessing from the box……”Understanding” :-))

    • Oh yes Shonie! No doubt about it! We’re here! And I’m so glad that I’m able to at least modestly transport your mind and sight into worlds unseen from your end as you do me for your neck of the woods…one I shall one day visit! Happy New Year Shonie!

      • Shonie Hutter says:

        Thank you for always such lovely replies Wasim. I look forward to that visit and eating together Scottish style!! Perhaps you could then transport me back with you and then I would like a picnic in those wonders you capture so beautifully………..

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