Why Google Plus Haters Are The Best Thing For Google Plus


So recently, I’ve been seeing a few posts and articles circulating around the web that are basically hating on Google Plus and, well, as a Google+ lover, I think that’s pretty awesome. Huh!?? Yup. You see, it’s not often that something as seemingly trivial as this really rocks my boat, but considering the extremely polar opposite experience that I’ve had on the platform, and the second glass of single-malt I’m working on, I felt compelled to spurt out a late-night response to it all. This ‘rant’ centers around why I think the haters are helping the platform rise above the rest.

First and foremost, let it be known that never have I come across a more thoughtful, engaging, push-it-forward crowd than on this platform. My stream is constantly and endlessly filled with thought-provoking, intelligent, and motivational posts and material of the likes I’ve never seen before. Whenever I need a dose of inspiration, whether it be for a new image or for creative thought or to help spur some ideas, I log on and I’m consistently overwhelmed by all the wonderful madness that flows down my page.

Especially as an aspiring (and hopefully budding) photographer, I’ve been incredibly inspired on a daily basis by the likes of everyone from Thomas Hawk to Trey Ratcliff to Lotus Carrol, Scott KelbyDerrick Story, Frederick Van Johnson, Ibarionex Perello, Rick Sammon and Juan Pons, G Dan Mitchell and Michael Frye, Doug KayeJay and Varina Patel, Nicole S. Young, Jim Harmer, Gordon Laing, Martin Bailey, and Javier Pantoja, and this list doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface (if you don’t know them, Google them, you’ll quickly realize they’re definitely not nobodies, but rather the tastemakers behind a lot of what you see and what’s in your pockets and on your phones and pads and whatnots).

And don’t even get me started on the science front…the list goes on and on…(but if you’re really interested, let me know, I’ll share my circle…yeah, you can do that too!)

What I’m getting at is that at its core, this seems to be the only platform that allows you to so effortlessly become your own careful curator for the information that is most appealing to you, in an extremely organized manner. I want science? I click on my science circle. Photos? My photography circle. Tech? My tech circle? Backpacking and Hiking and the Outdoors? My Backpacking/Outdoors circle. Pictures, articles, links, blogs, recommendations, events, videos…it’s wonderfully insane.

And I think that’s is precisely what the haters aren’t quite used to and, quite frankly, don’t really know what to do with. You see, just because you posted a picture of what you had for lunch and no one +1’d it or commented, doesn’t mean Google+ is a ghost town (that, as of June, has more active users than Twitter), it basically means no one gives a crap about what you had for lunch. Now, if you posted what was in the sandwich and what exactly made it so good, perhaps why you chose to shoot it from the angle you did, and then posted that publicly and in some of the applicable communities (everything from the Foodies Community, the largest of which currently has 34,000 members to the Food Photography Community, which currently boasts 60,000 members), you’d get meaningful feedback and so many +1s you’ll be counting them in your sleep simply based on the fact that the post had some…wait for itSUBSTANCE! 


Over the past 2 years, what I have found in my experience is that Google+ caters not to the short attention-spanned ‘look at me look at me’ narcissism that has been the crux of most other social media platforms. Instead, Google+ has done a really good job of weeding out the meaningless and forgettable in favor of the meaningful and unforgettable. And if you really think about it, that should come as no surprise, considering Google remains the main go-to for web and information searching. They didn’t focus on weeding out the crap by mistake. The more I think about it, the more it seems to be a very well-calculated, and so far, pretty successful effort (at least compared to the competition). Sure, there’s going to be some invasive species that make their way into the garden, but compare it to the aphids that shows up by the nanosecond on “the others” and, well, we’ve got a much more fruitful garden.

Through Google+, I have had more engaging and provoking and interactions that have left lasting impressions in the past week than I get in a month on the other platforms. I have made more friends and contacts through this platform that I correspond with on a daily basis than any other social network I’ve been a part of. Additionally, I have been able to drive traffic to my personal blog and website portfolio like never before, and, hot damn, I’ve even been able to get some work out of it. All because, like anything else in this world that’s worth it, you actually have to put some time into it to see the value.

So to all you Google+ haters out there, please, I beg of you, I implore of you, please please please keep on hating, because believe you me, we’re not missing you one bit. And in the inevitable occasional event that we do…we know exactly where we can find you.

For the rest of you, find me on Google+ at www.Google.com/+WasimMuklashy.

Ok then, sorry, had to get it out of my system. I promise more photography less rant next time…


  1. Donna M says:

    Hi Wasim,
    I don’t think it was a rant! Seems to me you have given this some thought most likely before ever have a glass of single malt. By the way, hope you enjoyed every drop.
    Since I discovered google+, then the photography community I have been impressed with the quality of work plus the people so willing to share knowledge technique but best of all beautiful, wonderful pictures. There are so many talented photographers here both professional & amateur (put me in the very amateur) that it is a pleasure to visit everyday to see what wonderful scene I will find. There are surprises each & everyday. I even get some comments on my efforts to grow & learn! I joined a challenge something I wasn’t sure I was up to that turned out to be a lot of fun. The quality may not have been the best but it sure did make me look even more that I already did & to think about what an appropriate subject might be. I’m looking forward to the next one I decide to try.
    Even though there are many people here I will never meet they have become friends I look forward to visiting everyday or most days through this wonderful thing called “technology”.
    Thanks for letting me “circle” you along with many other talented people. There are really many generous people here. Your blogs are interesting, sometimes humorous, always worth reading. Keep up the good work.

    • Ha! Well, I will admit, it has been something that was festering for a bit, but I just kind of brushed it off. It started with the typical reply of ‘no one I know is on there’ whenever I’d bring it up, and I was ok with that, and that made sense, but as much as I love everyone in my life, it was that exact experience that made it so special for me. I got to expand my circle of information and knowledge and experience.
      And then when people kept calling it a ghost town and whatnot, I continued to blow that off because it really didn’t matter to me what they thought, I knew what I knew. But then when there was that blowback last week about how Google is making it so you have to have a Google Plus account to comment on YouTube videos, that’s when it really hit me, that’s when the haters really showed who they are and why they were so against it. It just seemed so painfully obvious that all those people were now afraid that they had to be held personally accountable for their remarks and comments and activity, meaning, no more crude, crass, idiotic, childish trolling remarks without accountability. Which, personally, I think ought help the quality of the feedback on the platform. Heck, I might even post videos on YouTube again, something I haven’t done in years.

      But yes, I completely agree with everything you stated. It’s been so fun and open and transparent and people are engaging in ways I couldn’t even breach on Facebook. What I like best about it is that it seems to have really personalized things so that you can actually get a bit of a feel for the person behind the profile, and it gets really easy to sort out and spot out and suss out the nonsense.
      And the feeling is mutual Donna, I can’t believe you’re thanking ME for circling me!?? No way! Thank YOU for circling me and helping to add to the wonderful experience I’ve had here so far. I love it!

  2. shonie hutter says:

    What could I possibly add to both the blog and the comments by both yourself and Donna. Two wonderful people I would never have met or been inspired by were it not for Google +. There will always be people who chose to look at what is wrong ( without offering any solution ) rather than what is so right and making it even better. I guess we all get what we are looking for even if sometimes we don’t know it……..and What an unhappy life some chose but if anything can inspire them to look at things differently……Google + can. It’s there and waiting……….

  3. shonie hutter says:

    Gosh I think I entered my E.mail address wrong so now my comment is waiting moderation…..?

    • Ha! Yup, looks like it Shonie…this WordPress blogging thing’s like a Fort Knox of spam comments apparently. Which, I suppose is a good thing! I just turned it on. And yes, I have to agree, it’s been nothing short of a pleasure e-meeting you and Donna as well as people like L.Krause and Michelle Bzk and so many others than I probably would have never run into otherwise. You’ve added so much color and joy and perspective to the otherwise everyday mundane. It’s been beautiful. And yeah, I think people are just adept to finding something and sticking with it, which can be a good thing I suppose in certain circumstances, so long as it doesn’t interfere with the beauty of change and trying something new, or at the very least accepting it without having to strike it at. Onward we goooooo…

  4. shonie hutter says:

    If this appears twice I’m sorry but then I can’t say it often enough anyway…….I am sorry for those who can only criticise without putting forward an alternative, rather than seeing what is wonderful and making it more so. When they choose to look differently it will be there waiting for them. You have ranted beautifully. Could there be some Celtic blood in there!?……Thank you and thank you +Donna for being such a rich addition to my life…………s

  5. My experience has been that those who complain about Google+ just don’t understand the platform. Is it perfect for everything? No, but there’s a reason multiple social media outlets are successful: They cater to different needs. I think G+ excels at hitting a market that’s been completely ignored by other outlets. This coming from someone who loves twitter, and probably spends a bit too much time on the likes of facebook. But I can’t do on those platforms what I do on Google+, and I wouldn’t want content like those platforms here.

    I think a lot of people were kind of ignorant to Google+ until recently, but the recent Youtube changes have spurred more heated discussion. Some of those complaints are fair, I think, but will hopefully get better as the integration adjusts.

    • Oh I couldn’t agree more Erica! This is the only platform that has literally been able to connect me with the people I want to be connected with on a meaningful engaging level. It’s been fun. And the YouTube thing, for sure, it’ll spawn a lot of hate, but at the same time, as time goes on, it’ll also prove extremely beneficial to those that use G+ the way it should be used. Thanks so much for your comment!

  6. Hello Wasim,

    Fantastic article. I think you summed up the issue extremely well. My favorite part of the post is this one:

    “You see, just because you posted a picture of what you had for lunch and no one +1’d it or commented, doesn’t mean Google+ is a ghost town (that, as of June, has more active users than Twitter), it basically means no one gives a crap about what you had for lunch. Now, if you posted what was in the sandwich and what exactly made it so good, perhaps why you chose to shoot it from the angle you did, and then posted that publicly and in some of the applicable communities, you’d get meaningful feedback and so many +1s you’ll be counting them in your sleep simply based on the fact that the post had some…wait for it…SUBSTANCE!”

    So, yes, I agree with you. We don’t miss the haters. Let them stay on Facebook. There are many more interesting folks on G+. :-)

    • Ha! Glad you enjoyed that one. I had fun writing that part… And yes, couldn’t agree more, when I feel like numbing a few brain cells (which certainly happens), I’ll log onto Facebook or the little blue bird, but when I’m ready to wake those buggers back up, G+ is where I return to. Thanks for reading and sharing Cendrine! Be well, w.

  7. A Non says:

    We originally looked for this post b/c I wanted to make a point on how we, as citizens of the Earth, are willingly GIVING away our privacy and how utterly foolish this mentality is. Then we saw the amount that you blog and we can only PRAY you already take these precautions we’re going to list. While you have connected your banking, credit cards, and your LIVES to the web, we search to scrub our away. We also know of groups who LOOOVE to see this and basically feast upon the likes of you all. Now, the Internet is a wonderful invention and we love using it, if someone decides to target a person, or just look for prey, it’s the best weapon to do so.
    You willingly post locations, so area burglars can rob your house. You willingly geo-tag yourself while out, so they know EXACTLY where you are and how much time they have. The convenience of using an app, LIKE Google+, creates additional data that can be used against you. WE can hear you now…”REALLY? How? That’s not true…”
    But it is. We know so.
    The Android platform now has an app called SheepDroid and another called Faceniff that, if you log in while sharing a WiFi network, can snatch your passwords right from under your nose and let’s face it, there are fantastic security measures available to create 32 character random passwords- but, so you really always do that? We wager half of these people use the same password or a variation of it for most all their accounts.
    So, with Google creating “hangouts” and extra pages and apps for them, is basically them becoming an accessory in your demise. Once a FB is accessed or any social account, the email can be found, and accessed and chances are reuse that password to get into other accounts and then, anyone is OFF TO THE RACES- on YOUR dime. So, when We see a post like this, We just SHAKE our HEADS at the level of ignorance professed by many. We do this to educate not to condemn. ALWAYS, ALWAYS keep your mobile devices, laptops, and whatever else- LOCKED DOWN with a good VPN (a PAID ONE) and use it. Only access content like this blog, via a web browser and delete ALL apps from your phones.
    While you may shake your head at us, because we have DELETED ALL GOOGLE from our lives, we will be the ones laughing when you wake one day and find your identity stolen, accounts emptied and life in shambles, all because you LOOOOVE to “share” online.
    At least publish under a pseudonym….
    Sign US,
    A non-white hats

  8. Marvin Brunt says:

    Google is definitely not “your friend”. Google does not care about your privacy. Google has no “noble” interests; everything they do is purely intended to help them steal your privacy, for profit and power. Google doesn’t give you anything “for free”. You are the product and Google laughs the whole way to the bank. Please do not promote Google anymore. They are not “the lesser of two evils”, whatever the second party may be. Try to circumvent as many Google services and associations as you can, and help others remove their Google associations. Whatever you type into any Google service appears on a NSA terminal.

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